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Women In The Spotlight® is a digital leadership accelerator for emerging and executive leaders who aspire to ascend to new levels of impact and recognition.  Our mission is to actively shape the future of women, wellness and the workplace. We understand the time-crunched career focused women is looking for proven solutions to advance in her career without compromising her quality of life. We know companies are looking for innovative leadership training solutions to recruit, retain and engage the next generation of leading women. Our comprehensive, proven system offers leading women the keys to achieve their greatest potential. This is what you’ve been waiting for.

How It Works

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We are a membership of leading women who believe without investment there is no advancement. We are looking for women who are vested in their own development. We offer this program three times each year.

Access the Brand Leadership Institute

12 weeks of comprehensive brand leadership courses, done-for-you resources, templates, library of resources and webinars hosted by the First Lady of personal branding, Melissa Dawn Simkins.

Connect with Members & Alumni

Gain access to an elite network of achieving women for support, partnership and promotion.

Get Recognized & Be Branded

We recognize our graduates and alumni at an annual live event. Build your network, share your expertise and benefit from the powerful and influential connections of leading women.

Membership Benefits

12 Course Comprehensive Coaching

Get a master-level coaching to accelerate your brand through interactive, weekly video courses and materials.

Video Learning

View over 4.5 hours of step-by-step coaching delivered in 7-12 minutes of power-packed sessions each week.

24/7 Access

Access virtually anytime, anywhere on all devices, fit for the lifestyle of the on-the-go professional.

Recommended Reading

Gain a power list of supplemental books to build your expertise in every topic area of the curriculum.

Master-level Mentors

Connect with Melissa’s coaching sessions and learn from her expertise and get your questions answered.

Time Saving, Done-For-You Resources

Use simple and easy templates to turn coaching into personalized action.

The Vault – Multi-media Center

Enjoy a dynamic library of lifestyle content and tools tailored to topics such as time-management, nutrition and more.

90-Day Action Plan

Fuel your ideas into action with our tracking system for accountability and results.

Member Discounts

Receive member perks, savings, exclusive offers and more.

Alumni Network

Achieve additional coaching, virtual and live meet-ups and greater brand exposure for graduates.

Enroll Today

Company License

We develop a team of high potential leaders sponsored by business units and/or ERGs in partnership with Human Resources. Contact our office directly to learn more about our group program and special offers.

Enrollment Schedule

September – November 2017 Enrollment for Spring 2018 Cohorts